Sharayah Maurice's A Battle of Past & Present

Journey back to Tanithor in A Battle of Past and Present, the action-packed sequel to A Bounty of Secrets and Rebellion where the threats are greater, the stakes are higher, and the future of Tanithor remains unknown.

It's been one week since Prince Fynnegan Corden Greenway arrived in Latera to claim his promised bride. Upon discovering the kingdom to whom he is to ally through marriage is mistrusting of his intentions toward their princess, the Gaellen prince has been hard at work restoring their faith in him. However, the one person with whom he wishes to find favor is the only one who seems resistant to his efforts. His betrothed.

Fynn may be entitled to Alana's hand in marriage, but her heart is something he must earn on his own merit if he wants to have the future of which he has always dreamed.

Griff has been left reeling. After a shocking revelation in which he discovers an ability he never knew he had, he and Halyn seek to unravel the truth of his past while they struggle to survive in yet another foreign kingdom. Together they will face seemingly impossible odds while they, once again, attempt to return to Hoken where the fate of the kingdom's future hangs in the balance.

Interview with Griff 

Hi, Griff. Thank you for joining me. I have a lot of questions for you today. Are you ready?

Well I can’t promise I’ll have all the answers to your questions, but I’ll do my best.

Let’s start with an easy one then. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

All right. So, my name is Griff Shoshone. I’m eighteen years old and the oldest son to the Chief of Hoken. I like to hunt and play tricks on my younger brother…well liked to play tricks on him…

You’re alluding to the recent loss of Alo Shoshone at the Great River, yes?

Yeah. I can’t believe he’s really gone. It’s hard to accept.

I think his death took us all by surprise. It was so sudden. I could tell it was an emotionally turbulent time for you… I’m sorry for your loss.

So much has happened since that day, it’s a bit of a mercy that I haven’t had too much time to dwell on it, but I feel his absence everyday nevertheless.

Yes, so much has happened since that day. But let’s go back to the night before and what happened in Pavati. I think we’re all dying to know more about the prophecy you were told. Can you tell us anything about it?

Honestly, I hardly remember it. I’ve been a bit pre-occupied with just trying to survive as I’m sure you can imagine.

I can. You’ve faced quite a lot of obstacles recently. What would you say is your key to survival?

It’s Halyn.

Wow, that was a fast response. Would you care to elaborate?

It’s just that Halyn has been with me through it all. She’s my best friend, and I couldn’t have gotten through all this without her. In fact, I’d probably be dead already if not for her healing. That infection in my leg nearly took me out. I’m thankful to have her with me, even though I wish she could have been spared this whole ordeal.

It’s sweet how close the two of you are. The Oracle has kind of gotten in the way of your feelings for one another. Was it another prophecy that tied Halyn to Alo or is it some sort of Hoken tradition?

It’s sort of both? Every so often the Oracle will speak a word over a newborn. Not for every child born in Hoken but she gets…I don’t know, like urges, or promptings from the All God? It’s not a prophecy per se, but it’s a binding declaration. I think it has to do with actual prophecies coming to fruition and the declarations she makes are like the All God arranging things to ensure the outcome of the prophecy.

Interesting. So now that the Oracle has passed on, will another Oracle take her place?

Oracles are chosen by the All God and any new Oracle would be declared so by the current Oracle before their passing. The Oracle never made such a declaration before her death, as far as I know.

So, would you say that this is the end of the Age of the Oracle?

Yeah, I guess you could put it like that.

Very interesting. Okay, so we left off with kind of a serious cliff hanger in which your fate is a bit of a question mark. Is it safe to assume you have escaped death?

*glances to a piece of paper in his lap and reads stiffly:* I am not at liberty to discuss this topic. 

Ah, well we’re told that it’s been one week since the events at Lake Sentralis. Can you tell us what happened in the interim?

*reads off his paper once again* I am not at liberty to discuss this topic. 

Fair enough. What about your… *squints at synopsis on back of book* “ability you never knew you had?”

*shifts in his chair* I am not at liberty to discuss this topic.

Hmmm. Okay. *looks at list of prepared questions* Can you tell us anything about this “foreign kingdom” you end up in?

*sighs* I am not at liberty to discuss this topic. 

Alrighty then…well…hmmm. Is there anything you’d like to share with us before we wrap it up here?

Well I can say that all questions that have not been answered today will be addressed on February 2nd if that helps at all.

It does help. I’m looking forward to getting all those answers. Are you able to tell me if your story will leave us with another agonizing cliff hanger after February 2nd?

Ummm, well…*looks off stage* Yes? No? What?

*muffled voice from off stage*

*Peers off stage* Sharayah, would you like to answer this question?

Oh, hi. Yes, sorry. *awkwardly shuffles on stage* Sorry, I don’t mean to interrupt. You were doing great, Griff.

Thank you. I was just doing what you told me. Didn’t expect that question.

That’s okay. That was perfect. Great job. *smiles proudly at her favorite character* As for your last question…the story wraps up nicely but there is more to come. I wouldn’t call it a cliff hanger necessarily, more like an invitation for more.

Will you be leaving any characters in dire straights like you did in book 1?

No. Well, maybe. No, I can’t say.

*Griff leans forward* Let’s just say you’ll be curious to know what happens next.

Exactly! Yes.

Well that’s oddly helpful yet not helpful at all.

*Sharayah and Griff at the same time* Sorry!

*Laughs lightly* Okay well this has been fun. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions, Griff.

Of course. I’m sorry I couldn’t answer all of them for you.

No problem at all. I completely understand. Sharayah, what a pleasant surprise to have you here today. Perhaps we can do a more formal interview in the near future?

Yes! I’d love that. Thank you so much.